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The Latest Hair Dryer from Parlux

Thursday, 24 September 2015 13:46:08 Europe/London

Parlux have really pulled out all the stops with their latest hairdryer, and it is available in some absolutely gorgeous and eye catching colours - recently adding GOLD to the range! As standard of course, you can get it in black, but it also available in Hot Pink, purple, red, white and our personal favourite eye-catching orange! The hardest choice you will have to make, is what colour takes your fancy (We've been arguing over this in the SalonEasy office!).

It is quite similar to the preceeding Parlux in that the new hairdryer is eco friendly and gives out no harmful emissions whatsoever. It also features a built in silencer which ensures that it operates nice and quietly without being too intrusive. One of the most popular features is the weight of the hairdyer, which is going to weigh in at less than 500 grams (not including the cable), which as many of you will know is extremely light for a professional hairdryer.

The new Parlux 385 Power Light is equipped with Parlux usual Ionic and Ceramic System which is absolutely indispensable for the health and beauty of your hair and also has the usual cold shot button for setting styles in place. One thing we can guarantee however, is you are going to LOVE the latest Parlux dryer.

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How to Choose a Hair Dryer

Wednesday, 18 February 2015 13:39:00 Europe/London

There are numerous features and differences that set a good professional hairdryer apart from mainstream retail hairdryers. In this article we will outline a few features you should really consider when purchasing a new hairdryer, and look at what benefits they offer to the standard hair dryer user. One of the main characteristics of professional hairdryers, such as the parlux brand, is that they will have more powerful motors and therefore have a higher airflow. This is very important as the greater the airflow and more powerful the motor, the quicker your hair will dry.

Generally, it is worth considering the wattage of any professional hair dryer that you are looking at, as this will indicate just how powerful the dryer is. They can vary in output from 1400 watts to 2100 watts, with the higher wattage showing how powerful your hairdryer will be. Another thing to look out for is how many heat and speed settings your dryer has - All Parlux hairdryers come with two speed settings and two heat settings, as well as cold shot button, which allows you a variety of options so you can find the perfect combination for your hair type.

You may also want to decide whether you would like to invest in ceramic ionic editions, which is useful if your hair is prone to frizz as they lock the moisture inside the hair's shaft. Another factor which may influence your decision is the weight of the hairdryer; if you are planning on using it for a long period of time in a salon, you may want to consider one of the lighter professional hairdryers, such as the Parlux 3500 Super Compact. It is worth noting what additions, if any are supplied with your professional hair dryer. All parlux hairdryers have two concentrator nozzles in the box, which allow you to create all manner of styles, simply by choosing which nozzle you want to attach.

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Latest Parlux Products

Saturday, 30 August 2014 13:37:00 Europe/London

One of the latest additions to the parlux professional hairdryer range is the incredible hair diffuser for both the Parlux 3500 Supercompact and Parlux 3800 Eco Ceramic Hairdryers. These diffusers are crafted from the highest quality heat resistant plastics, which ensure that you can use the diffuser day in and day out attached to your hairdryer. They are manufactured to exacting standards by Parlux Italia and are designed so that they fit each hairdryer tightly, ensuring they will never fall off in your professional hairdressing salon.

Without an attached hairdryer diffuser, parlux hairdryers are perfect for drying and styling hair; however, simply by attaching these latest diffusers, your hairdryer becomes a brand new styling tool. Diffuser are ideal for anybody that is seeking to create really big and bouncy curls, or even soft and delicate waves without having to resort to anything other than their professional hair dryer. These compact Parlux diffusers mean that by simply clipping them onto your hair dryer, you can dry and style curly hair in one simple step.

Each parlux hairdryer diffuser attachment is essentially a plastic cup with prings, and the usual way to style damp hair is to take a handful of the hair. You can then scrunch it up inside the hairdryer diffuser which allows the hair to wind around the prongs of the diffuser and dry it. When using a parlux diffuser yourself at home, you can simply tilt your head to the side and allow the hair to fall into the cup of the diffuser, before drying and applying the product of your choice.

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Tips for using your hair dryer

Thursday, 6 March 2014 13:35:00 Europe/London

One of the most versatile hair styling tools, believe it or not is a hairdryer. Always remember that if you don't have a curling tong or heater curlers at home, then you can reach for your hair dryer and use your brush to create straight styles and movement. Simply take a good section of the hair with a round barrel brush, and from the roots push the hair up and around the barrel, whilst simultaneously using the hairdryer on a high heat to straighten it. It is imperative that you use a concentrator nozzle on the dryer when you are doing this, as it will ensure that the hair dries straight and will be in good condition.

This tip is ideal for making it straight, curly or even bouncy, and remember you can use smaller brushes to get a more uniform curl anda larger barrel brush to get bigger and bouncier curls. The best brush to use for styling is probably a natural bristle brush, so once you have the section wrapped around the bristles, simply pull the hair dryer through and style as desired. When you get to the back of the head, you really don't need to use the hairdryer as much as the brush will have retained a lot of the heat already and so you will be able to style without much heat.

Once you have done this, you start from the bottom, and get hold of a section of the hair, and twist it around your finger, following the natural curl of the hair, pulling it away from your face. Generally you would section the hair into six sections, and start at the base of the neck using a low elevation of the dryer, just to get a curve in the hair. For the next two horizontal sections, you need to use your professional hair dryer at a higher elevation to obtain more hair volume. On both sides, slightly lift hair, making sure to concentrate on the ends to get a neat finish around the face. For the top section, hold the hairdryer fully over the hair for the most volume. Finish the style with a good quality hair spray to hold your big and loose curls in place.

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Parlux 3800 wins more awards!

Friday, 13 September 2013 13:41:00 Europe/London

The incredible Parlux 3800 Eco hairdryer has won a prestigious award recently, being recognised for it's incredible performance! YourHair said "We'll make this simple for you – if you want a salon blowdry, try a Parlux. Its power and speed are truly awe-inspiring and you'll notice the difference in your style from the first time you use it."

YourHair testers said “I don't know how I managed before without this Parlux hairdryer. "The well known magazine stated simply that the Parlux 3800 Wins - YourHair Awards 2012 Best Hairdryer...We are pleased to announce that the New Parlux 3800 red has won the Your Hair best Hair buy 2012. So there you go, more proof that the best hairdryers are made by Parlux Italy and that if you want power and performance, you should look no further than these incredible Parlux hairdryers!

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