One of the most common complaints about a professional hairdryer is the noise that they can make, when a few of them are turned on in the salon. After all, communicating with your client is one of the most important things that a hairdresser has to do, in order to create a requested style. This is where Parlux's newest addition to their range comes into play. The Parlux Melody Silencer can be attached to the rear of any of their professional hairdryer range to alter the air intake and in turn significantly reduce the sound output.

These silencers are designed to be used on each and every Parlux hairdryer, it is simply a case of twisting it on the back, over the detachable filter. The Research laboratories in Italy, at Parlux headquarters have developed this patent pending advanced technology system, ensuring that is gives exceptional results in eliminating sound waves. In fact, it is believed that the Melody Silencer is able to reduce the noise emitted from your professional hair dryer by up to 45%, which can make a massive difference.

This latest accessory is small, light and incredibly easy to install on to your existing parlux hairdryer, with the silencer allowing you to work in perfect harmony with the music and chatter in your salon. It is simply a case of making the art of drying hair a less intrusive and loud experience, and a much more relaxed and synergistic act. Remember, you can still use your parlux professional hair dryer to create all the latest styles, just much more quietly!