One of the latest additions to the parlux professional hairdryer range is the incredible hair diffuser for both the Parlux 3500 Supercompact and Parlux 3800 Eco Ceramic Hairdryers. These diffusers are crafted from the highest quality heat resistant plastics, which ensure that you can use the diffuser day in and day out attached to your hairdryer. They are manufactured to exacting standards by Parlux Italia and are designed so that they fit each hairdryer tightly, ensuring they will never fall off in your professional hairdressing salon.

Without an attached hairdryer diffuser, parlux hairdryers are perfect for drying and styling hair; however, simply by attaching these latest diffusers, your hairdryer becomes a brand new styling tool. Diffuser are ideal for anybody that is seeking to create really big and bouncy curls, or even soft and delicate waves without having to resort to anything other than their professional hair dryer. These compact Parlux diffusers mean that by simply clipping them onto your hair dryer, you can dry and style curly hair in one simple step.

Each parlux hairdryer diffuser attachment is essentially a plastic cup with prings, and the usual way to style damp hair is to take a handful of the hair. You can then scrunch it up inside the hairdryer diffuser which allows the hair to wind around the prongs of the diffuser and dry it. When using a parlux diffuser yourself at home, you can simply tilt your head to the side and allow the hair to fall into the cup of the diffuser, before drying and applying the product of your choice.