One of the most versatile hair styling tools, believe it or not is a hairdryer. Always remember that if you don't have a curling tong or heater curlers at home, then you can reach for your hair dryer and use your brush to create straight styles and movement. Simply take a good section of the hair with a round barrel brush, and from the roots push the hair up and around the barrel, whilst simultaneously using the hairdryer on a high heat to straighten it. It is imperative that you use a concentrator nozzle on the dryer when you are doing this, as it will ensure that the hair dries straight and will be in good condition.

This tip is ideal for making it straight, curly or even bouncy, and remember you can use smaller brushes to get a more uniform curl anda larger barrel brush to get bigger and bouncier curls. The best brush to use for styling is probably a natural bristle brush, so once you have the section wrapped around the bristles, simply pull the hair dryer through and style as desired. When you get to the back of the head, you really don't need to use the hairdryer as much as the brush will have retained a lot of the heat already and so you will be able to style without much heat.

Once you have done this, you start from the bottom, and get hold of a section of the hair, and twist it around your finger, following the natural curl of the hair, pulling it away from your face. Generally you would section the hair into six sections, and start at the base of the neck using a low elevation of the dryer, just to get a curve in the hair. For the next two horizontal sections, you need to use your professional hair dryer at a higher elevation to obtain more hair volume. On both sides, slightly lift hair, making sure to concentrate on the ends to get a neat finish around the face. For the top section, hold the hairdryer fully over the hair for the most volume. Finish the style with a good quality hair spray to hold your big and loose curls in place.