When considering which parlux hairdryer to purchase, there are a number of factors that may influence your decision. One of these may be whether you need to invest in a ceramic ionic edition or not - and this can be a difficult decision as not everybody fully understands what a ceramic ionic hairdryer actually is, and does.

A standard hairdryer consists of a wire that has a high electric resistance and when an electric current is passed through them, they qill quickly get hot. The second part of the process is a basic fan, which will suck air in from the back of the hairdryer and pass it over the hot coils, thus producing hot air.In a professional hairdryer, the heating element is a basic metal wire, which works effectively due to it's properties, and does allow a large amount of very hot air to pass through the hairdryer unaffacted. This however, is where the ceramic element comes into the equation, as some modern hairdryers, like many a parlux hairdryer, actually have ceramic elements rather than bare metal. This is for a number of reasons, but is largely because ceramic provides instantaneous heat which allows you to dry your hair much quicker with your hairdryer, making it faster and easier.

We should also consider what the ionic element of your parlux hairdryer does and why it is that many beauty experts consider it the most important development in professional hairdryers to date. Your parlux hairdryer will feature an ionic chamber which emits a flow of negative ions and radiates heat inside the hair, drying from the inside out, and avoiding drying out the cuticle. Drops of water inside the hairs shaft are transformed into micro-molecules by the hairdryer which will leave the hair softer and shinier than normal!