Everybody in the professional hairdressing industry is aware of the power and precision of a parlux hairdryer, in fact it is one of the things that has made them so popular. Not only is each parlux hair dryer designed to exacting specifications and made to be lightweight and durable, they are also incredibly powerful. This power is largely a result of the revolutionary K-Lamination motor which is utilised in all their best dryers.

However, Parlux in Italy weren't content to simply stop at being the best, they wanted to be even better, and as a result, the K Lamination motor has recently been upgraded and improved thanks to the hard work and continuing research of their professional hairdryer technicians. More specifically, they have managed to upgrade the existing mechanical and electrical components which has resulted in a lighter and more efficient hair dryer motor. The result of this advancement is that your parlux hairdryer motor will now not overheat and as an added benefit, even uses less electricity!

The good news is that every hairdryer in the Parlux range now utilise the modernised version of the K Lamination motor. For the hairdressers this means that they will be using a safe, very light, long-lasting and eco-friendly hairdryer. Parlux, once again, lives up to its reputation in the professional hairdressing field by offering their customers a professional hairdryer of the highest class and innovative quality.